Inspirational Videos: Heart & Hustle are Close Cousins

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It’s not always God given talent that separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

A few videos that demonstrate heart, hustle and ultimately what matters most: Results.

Rocky – One of the great characters in movie history. Who defines the under-dog better?

First a quick 1:21:  Notice the alarm clock….

9 minutes takes you through the best of all 6 (yes I said 6!) Rocky movies.


What captures the Olympic spirit better than Derek Redmond and the help of his father?  (Note:  Please insure tissues are handy!)

Al Pacino speech in City Hall.  Any tougher situation than a eulogy to a tragedy?


NBA’s top 10 best hustle plays of all time


Inspirational moments from one of the great sports movies of all time:  Remember the Titans.


Any thoughts come to mind on what’s missing?

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