Excellence – Learn From the Elite Ballpark Vendors

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Excellence can be found in every profession.  You name it, there’s a “cream of the crop” in every walk of life and the 80/20 rule always emerges, where a select few generate the greatest results.

Take ballpark vendors.  Hawkers of hot dogs, beer, peanuts & cracker-jacks.

Not all are created equal.  Some out Hustle their counterparts.  Some come up with a creative twist to selling their product.  Some simply “out-care” their competition.  All love what they do, and some may even do it for free.  All create a bond with their customers.

There is learning from all below videos.  Some will simply make you laugh!

Hope you learn something from the folks that make our national past time enjoyable!

The Grand Daddy of them all

Roger Owens – LA dodgers famous peanut vendor.  There’s a ton of “peanut guys,” but there is only 1 Roger.  47 years, a following and a ground breaker.  There’s a best in class in every profession and in the world of peanut vendors, this guy is it.  Do you think his heart is pure?  Think he’s an advantage for the Dodgers organization?


Stamina and Brevity from the Beer Man


Crazy Hot Dog Guy – Fight for your product!


“The Beer Guy” – Intensity and focus matters


16 year minor league beer vendor, that started out as a Side Hustle.  Relationships matter, and “you can always get better.”

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  1. It just goes to show you how a brand is made up of many small components aka “people.” My girlfriends and I were just talking last night about the restaurant industry. We all worked for small, family-owned restaurants that served inexpensive, good food but time and time again the patrons came because of their friendships and familiarity with the servers. Guaranteed that when a diner thought of their favorite dish they also thought of their favorite server. And so it is with the Dodgers and Roger the Peanut Man.

    • So true Robin! Reminds me of an old adage many businesses do NOT subscribe to: Prioritize employees #1 and the rest takes care of itself. Happy employees = loyal customers.

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