Excellence: The Great Michael Jordan

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Today marks the 50th birthday of one of the great professional athletes to ever walk the planet:  Michael Jordan.

Hustle or Bust is all about excellence and achieving great performance, so reflecting on the great career of MJ is certainly time well spent.  Nobody combined Old School Fundamentals with the New School approach better than MJ.

Below you’ll see the great Hall of Fame speech with learning points recapped, a couple of great ads and his legacy movie below.

Enjoy, and Happy 50th to the great MJ.  Memories will last for generations.

Hall of Fame enshrinement speech:

Key Points

  • My competitive nature came from my family.  They started the fire in me.
  • As I started my career there was a fire.  But as I went along, PEOPLE added wood to that fire.
  • As a freshman I didn’t get on the cover of Sports Illustrated….that burned me up!
  • No matter how you look at it, I’ll play to win
  • They came up with a theory after I came back from an injury:  Only play 7 minutes a game, although I practiced 2 hours a day.
  • Don’t put the organization above the players.  The organization is important, but the players have to get it done.
  • I was told I am not as good as Magic, Larry Bird.  You look for any kind of messages to get you motivated
  • The game of basketball has been everything to me:  My refuse, intense pain, satisfaction, and a relationship that has evolved over time.
  • I don’t look at the induction into the Hall of Fame as a defining moment.  I may be playing this game at 50!
  • Limits, like fear are often an illusion

One of the great Ads of our time:  “Maybe it’s my fault”.  The message makes the ad

Another great ad: Old School vs. New School MJ


And if you really want to learn, the full version of “The Legacy of Michael Jordan” full movie.

MJ on Failure…


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