A Game Changer: The Teacher Behind PS22 Chorus

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PS 22 Chorus game changer

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Game Changers exist in every walk of life, you just need to look for them.  And more importantly, LEARN something from them.

Gregg Breinberg – The Teacher Behind the Public School (PS) 22 Chorus in Staten Island, NY is nothing short of a Game Changer.

If teaching resembled free enterprise, Mr. Breinberg would be getting offers for 2X his current pay.   All you need to do is look at a handful of his videos.  What you’ll see….

  • Unbridled Joy
  • Passion – You simply can’t fake this level of joy
  • Enthusiasm
  • Love What You Do…
  • Optimism

You can see the fire, drive and love for his profession.  Every parent should be lucky enough to have their kids attend his program.

New-School in its finest form.  No old fashioned methods and songs the kids simply are not inspired by.

And to imagine that he alludes to a feeling of worry about the school canceling the program?  Any principle in the USA would be lucky to have this talent.

There is a reason why the PS 22 videos have been viewed over 10mm times on You-tube.  Enjoy some of my favorites.





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