When A Million Smiles Beats a Home Run

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Home Runs are great in baseball, and they always affect the score.

But on April 18th, 2013 the home run took a back seat to the story behind it.

Teddy Kramer Greets Todd Frazier's Home Run

Image Credit:  Deadspin.com

When the bat boy asks the player to hit one over the fence, and the player says he will do just that…..sounds like a scene from a movie.

When the bat boy is Ted Kremer, an adult with Down syndrome who was invited back for a second time after a game last summer because he made such an impression……well there you have a story that breaks through your nightly home run trot at the ball park.

Watch the joy of Teddy on the video link below.

Even more important?  Watch the joy of Todd Frazier after he hit it, and on the interview.

Do you think Todd’s life is just a bit different, dare I say better because of his relationship with Teddy?  What about the team and city of Cincinnati?

I’m not sure who in the Reds organization brought Teddy in the first time and invited him back.  That person is sleeping well I’m sure.  He put smiles on a ton of faces, and opened a few eyes in the process.  

Sometimes joy and little game-changers can be found in unlikely places.

“He is so funny,” Frazier told Cincinnati.com. “He said, ‘come on man, hit me a home run. I love you.’ And I said ‘I love you, too. I’ll hit you one. It was great how excited, that look, I started smiling before I even hit home plate.
“He’s such a great guy… Even if you have a terrible day, you can’t be mad with a guy like that around.”

Watch the video and interview here….


Teddy Kramer With Todd Frazier Cincinnati Reds

Image Credit:  Cincinnati.com

Teddy Kramer & Todd Frazier


Image Credit: USA Today.comTeddy Kramer

Image Credit:  Cincinnati.com

Update 11/2/13

Teddy Gets his own card

Image credit: MLB Fan cave

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