Guest Post #1: Business Purgatory

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Let me paint a scene for a start:

You are sitting in your office, a small plain colored 6×6 office with no window, a logoed calendar on your wall to cover the plain-ness and a desk that is as uncomfortable to work on as your chair is to sit on.  Your boss walks in, gives you a load of papers, along with his “motivational” speech for the day (motivational enough that you see a therapist to cope with your enthusiasm), leaves and shuts the door.  Then, you look at your clock, it is 8:15am.  Your day has just started and you feel as if your day would have been better if you just would have stayed at home.  Do you know where you are yet? You are in a business and the corporate world.  The sign on the door to your hallway says “Welcome!  This is the Business Inferno!”

Most of us deal with this feeling every day, trapped and enslaved by “coporatocracy”.  We all work in an office that is too small to our standards (as is everything), with temperatures that are too cold or hot and people that we can’t stand to even smell.  Yes, there are people who actually smell.  They’ve told me it’s a medical condition but…well I will leave that there.  With all the negativity that 90% of the working people face, you have to ask, ‘What am I doing and how is this making things better?’

I have the key to your success.  Do you want it?  It’s a great secret but it will cost you to know it.  I accept cash only, papers are messy.

It’s pretty simple, but before I start we should go back to our picture.

You are sitting in your office, crushed by your boss’s awesome life lesson of a speech you just got.  To explain in Dante’s world, you would think you are inferno, and most people think so.  You feel all the levels of emotions that gets you to Inferno; anger, violence, greed, lust and then finally limbo.  You come out of your depression and sit in limbo for the rest of the day.  Nothing is accomplished and you leave the Inferno just to go home to a place that it stews all night.  Get up, repeat, eat, sleep.  While you lay in your bed, stressed and depressed you imagine the other side, Paradise.  You think how nice it must be!  Do you want to know how to get there? Because I know how.

But not yet.

You need a few more days of limbo.

The next day you start the same routine, 8:15am and you are on track for another Inferno day.

But wait!  Let’s try this, let’s move to purgatory.

Yeah your office is too small but you know what, put up some pictures at least.  If you don’t like to be in your office, no one else probably does either.

Make your office your “home away from home.”

You do spend a ton of time there.  If you can at least cover up the walls to make it not so ugly.  Next, put something special right by you, within arm’s reach.  Now, by this time you are asking, what in the world is this going to do for me? 

Well here is part one of the secret:

Environment determines a portion of your attitude and behavior.

Don’t believe me?  Is a lion more crankier in a hot savannah during the dry season, ready to eat ANYTHING it sees? Or is it more cranky when it knows that the temperatures are better and not scorching his fur?   I think we all know the answer to that….

The same applies for people; light a candle, put some pictures up and make your office environment a better place to sit in.

So, back to our story:  you put up some pictures and take my advice, go through your day.  Congratulations!  You are not in Inferno anymore.  You are in Purgatory.  Why?  Because you have made your first change in your life, to change it.  You sleep that night, still questioning if this is going to work. I understand your doubt, everyone does at the beginning.

The next day, you arrive five minutes early in preparation for your motivation speech soon to come.  You listened.  You have some pictures up, more things around you that make you feel good and you make your office smell…better.  Not great but better than it did.

Your boss comes in, and he takes his breath.  You are bracing yourself for what is about to come.  He looks around and instead of lecturing about how you are falling behind, he stops and says; “Hey, something is different.”  He looks some more; “Hey! Are those your kids?  How old?  I had no idea!”

You engage in a conversation you have never had before.  See I told you it would work.  You didn’t get your chewing for the day and your boss now has connected with you on a level that was not there.

Do you feel better?  You should.
This brings me to part two of the secret…

Establish the relationships.  Nothing was ever achieved alone.  No one climbed Mt. Everest alone.  You MUST have a team that supports you.  You must have people who you can build with, create with, and have a connection with. It’s proven, by my statistical findings, people do MORE for you, when they have an interest in you and you have an even bigger interest in them.

So now, you have two parts of a secret.  One has taken you out of the inferno and into purgatory.  How you get to paradise though, is more than 750 words can get you.

I am approved for one post, so the rest would be request.  Go home from business purgatory today and try to sleep.  Eventually, when you are able you leap tall buildings, you will get to paradise.

Or unless I post again.


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