The Lessons of Bull Durham

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Finding unique and interesting ways to keep learning and staying on-top of critical areas that are changing around us is  certainly a HustleorBust theme.  Sometimes it takes out of the box methods to do this.

Movies are one way to not just unwind, but learn a thing or two.

They also provide great “set ups” for training or team meeting sessions.  Borrow at will, and I would love to hear if the reactions and stories around their use.

Bull Durham is one of (if not THE) greatest baseball movies ever made.

Below are the quick clips and 7 lessons.

  • Wake-up calls are mandatory at times.

  • Talent is important, but HUSTLE is  mandatory and controllable.  When you don’t give 100% you should be called on it.

  • Break down success to it’s most basic, core simple elements


  • Listening is mandatory, make sure your doing it.  Doubly mandatory when you have a mentor that’s been to the show already.  


  • Get on the same page as your team mates.  If you don’t, consequences could be detrimental and cost you the game.  


  • There’s value in being unpredictable and keeping your competition guessing.  


  • The margins between success and mediocrity are slim.  


“Success is not owned; it’s rented — and the rent is due every day.”

Rory Vaden, on the EntreLeadership podcast

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