A Twitter Anniversary on America’s Birthday

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I came across an interesting article about downloading your twitter archives, and viewing your first tweet, so I thought:  “That may be fun to look at on a day off.”

First surprise:  Independence day of 2011 marks the anniversary of my first tweet.  I had to hold back the sentimental tears.

First Tweet:  7/4/11

Happy Birthday America! Land of the free, where people start businesses, pursue their dreams, and tweet in peace!  No place like the USA…

I ran through my first month on twitter, July 2011.  Other observations?:

  1. Not much has changed.  My first month on twitter had nearly identical topics as today, 10,000+ tweets later
  2. Twitter clearly was the ground floor of the themes on this blog……


I laughed at some of these 2011 tweets, cringed at others, also surprised at a couple of observations from left field that turned out to be true.  I’ve pasted in a representative sample of my first month, typos and bad spelling included, and grouped them by category I tweet about.  Try downloading yours, it will be fun!

Business Principles: (Later to be marked by favorite Hashtags:  #Hustle #Optimism #Leadership, and later evolved into HustleorBust)

  • The second half of 2011 is now 4 days old…good time to review your goals and progress, make sure youre at least half way there.
  • Wonder how many people say:  “TGIM”:  Thank God its Monday!  LIfe’s too short for this not to be your goal.  Make it a great week.
  • It still amazes me, the best advice I ever recieved is rarely followed, especially by those that want to get ahead in life: “Start Early!  “
  • Friday is the best day of the week to open new doors….people start day dreaming, hustle is not high enough as weekend nears.
  • If your weeks game plan is not built Sunday evening, than you just need to #hustle a bit more Monday am.  Have a great week.
  • Its hard, but getting a workout in, a stop @starbucks and at the desk at 6am is the best legal headstart on the chase.  #motivation


Ideas & Shout-outs

  • 2 birds w/ 1 stone: 55 minutes on treadmill while listening to a podcast featuring @HarveyMackay. IPOD nano is awesome, great content better
  • Still the best daily read for consumer products and retail pros @KevinCoupe morningnewsbeat.com
  • @barefoot_exec love your story, just watched your videos.  Admire the impact you have made, especially with a child w/ special needs!

Big Picture Ideas,  Observations & Criticisms

  • Unemployment still over 9 pct.  Wonder if the days of 3 percent are long gone?  Thoughts?
  • Here’s an idea. Eliminate interest tx deduction. Discourage excessive debt and apply tax code mre evenly against consumption, not debt
  • Another idea. Allow grads to deduct student loan debt on taxes. This is requirement for country to compete, and kids have massive debt.
  • Moody’s reviewing US debt for possible downgrade, same geniuses rating sub prime mortgage backed securities AAA helping to start this mess
  • The “elusion of exclusivity” creates demand, #google played their #google+ launch smart. Witnessed multiple people celebrate their invite.
  • Amazed at the growth + size of #groupon.The economics work great for them, but I don’t understand how its sustainable for their customers.
  • Probably late noticing a hot #trend, seems like there is a self serve frozen yogurt shop on every corner, all have edgy #brands
  • #RIMM with its rock solid balance sheet, golden brand name and what seems to be unresponsive mgt, Looks like a case study for #HBR.
  • I’m not a financial wiz, but the #aapl balance sheet and p&l are mind boggling.  #Design + #Brand + constant pipeline = wealth creation

Attempt @ Wit & Humor

  • Wondering the % of #memphis population that is from #nj + #italian?  My guess is less than 2%.  Endangered species this would make me.
  • Call me old school but a pool at a ball parking is a bit much.

The Yankees

  • Would have been nice for the Core 4 to celebrate DJ 3K.  Instead you had the key 3.
  • The Yankee captain had a day for the ages!  @newyorkpost Report: Jeter is master of the dramatic –
  • A great moment:  @RobinsonCano lifting his home run derby trophy up with his father. You don’t need to be a Yankee fan to love that sight.

By far, the most fun is engaging with like-minded people vs broadcasting a thought.  Something about the simple thrill of sparking or jumping into a chat…

hustle or bust.  God bless America


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