A World-Class Teacher Disguised as Investment Guru: Jim Cramer

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Jim Cramer Mad Money

Don’t be fooled by Jim Cramer’s “antics.”  This guy is an educating powerhouse, and he proves it on his Mad Money program nightly.  He’s a classic American Success story, a couple links below are attached to 2 of my favorite videos, his childhood stock obsession and what he learned by living in his car for 6 months.

It may be difficult to relate to a world class investor, but we can ALL relate to childhood memories and classic struggles.  And we can learn from those lessons, so enjoy.

School of Hard Knocks

  • A 4th grade obsession of keeping a stock ledger.  Measuring matters to get a feeling for ups & downs.  Get started Early!
  • As a vendor @ veterans stadium – The value of Market power/share, paying his peers NOT to sell ice cream against him.
  • Sounds like the outdated 4P’s of Marketing Model
  • The false intimacy of nicknames, getting attention and standing out

“I never quit saving.  How poor was I, yet I still put away money.”

  • He saved, even while living in a car for 6 months.
  • Got mono and jaundice liver, & still put $’s away….in the Fidelity Magellan fund
  • Resiliency – He kept every single college rejection letter in his trunk

Cramer’s Childhood Stock Obsession


What I learned  from Living in My Car



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