Taking Your Digital Relationships to the Real World

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A strange thing happens when you know someone only “digitally” and then you finally meet ITRW (in the real world):  You affirm or deny that the person you know on-line holds up closely to how you view them from cyber space.  Depending on which, you very well may enjoy your relationship that much more.  I have now met a few people ITRW where we started out as digital contacts.  In every case I’ve thought “wish I met them sooner!”  Unfortunately, I can only count these instances on 1 hand.

This past week my family, (both home and work families) had the pleasure of meeting Steve Johnson and Tina Walker.  They are a fabulous couple that are 2 months into a cross country road trip on 2 motorcycles.  You can follow their adventure @ www.roadpickle.com.  My family got to know them personally, and my team at work was enlightened by their story and profession as well.

Their story is unique, their personalities opposite, and the memories will certainly last a while.  A digital relationship that was one on one, touched over 20 people ITRW, and hopefully that will continue for a handful of people.

3 Simple Thoughts For Taking Relationships to Real World

  1. If you can, do it at home, over casual food.  We had a simple BBQ and a bottle of Vino.  Something about simple food, lots of it and a great adult beverage to get to know someone, in a relaxed environment.  It’s my Italian bias coming out.  Second choice would be coffee.

  2. Take plenty of pictures.  Enjoy the moment.

  3. Set a goal to meet more of your on-line contacts ITRW.

There’s only so much 140 characters can do.

I’ve made a mental list of who I’d like to meet over time…

I welcome others to put me on theirs as well.  Worst comes to worst, you will eat well.

Life is short.  Relationships are what make it special.  No substitute for the Real World.


Kawasaki Ninja

Dominic on Tina’s Ninja & Helmet, Hope waiting for her turn with Grandma

Tina Walker and Steve Johnson @ Monogram Foods

Steve Johnson & Tina Walker @ Monogram’s Support Center/HQ

Monogram Foods

Steve, Tina & I @ Monogram Foods

Monogram Foods & Launchpad

Steve &Tina With Monogram’s Marketing Team, in The Launchpad

mkt team attit 2

Steve &Tina With Monogram’s Marketing Team, but with attitude!

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  1. Mark,

    It was great meeting you and your team, as well as your family! It was certainly our pleasure to make Memphis a stop on our journey.
    You’re so right about meeting internet contacts. We’ve had the great pleasure of doing this a number of times on the trip and each time I feel so pleased to put personalities with the names and email addresses. There’s only so much that can be conveyed electronically.
    And the BBQ was awesome! Woot Woot!! (Said the well fed woman. . . )

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