Thoughts on Labor Day: 5 Magical Values

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Happy Labor Day

A good friend of mine (Dean) just posted a comment on a recent post:  Answering the Bell, a fundamental work principle that is flat out taken for granted at times (call me Old School).  On Labor Day, it rings true….

“The ability to show up, consistently and on-time.” For me, this is the takeaway. I think that that statement encompasses: commitment, honesty, perseverance, accountability, and responsibility. When we answer the bell, we are standing in integrity with those five values.

I can’t think of 5 more important values to celebrate on Labor Day.

ALL jobs in this great country have value; I don’t care if it’s a minimum wage job or a Fortune 500 CEO.

EVERY JOB has value.


Because JOBS provide people the opportunity to demonstrate Dean’s 5 values.

Not everyone will choose to live up to all 5 values simultaneously or consistently.  However, everyone has the opportunity to step up to the plate and try….

I am always in awe of the waiter or waitress that looks you in the eye, smiles, engages you, and shows sincere service from the heart.  It is not only a reflection on the business they work for, it’s a STRONG reflection on them.  Less than 10% of the people I encounter I would put in this group of service excellence.

When I’m lucky to have them, I’m happy to tip a bit extra, and write them a little note telling them they are special.  I wish I was able to see where they would land in 5-10-15 years down the road.  Great things are in store for them, and it’s always fun to see them at the ground level.

They learned the 5 values early on……when you see people demonstrating them, tell them!  We need more people to live them.  

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