The Thrill of A City: Street Hustle

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I love cities, always have.  Growing up across the river from NYC was the start.  Living in downtown Boston for 5 years cemented my urban blood for life.  Some people love beaches, the country, mountains or lakes.  They are all great and I’ve enjoyed time in all of them.  But still, nothing compares to The City.

  • The vibe, the action.  The “pulse” is just a bit quicker downtown.
  • The smell of all kinds of food.  Especially street vendors.
  • The “wait” at a red light:  Crowds on each side of the street, waiting to collide at the turn of the green light.

What will you always find in a city?  STREET HUSTLE.

Some of the greatest people watching occurs when you stop and admire the go-getters.  Street performers.  People with all kinds of talent (and guts) trying to make a buck.  They are not just trying to Hustle a buck, they are usually having fun.

Want an alternative to a downtown play?  Take the same amount of money, and walk the biggest radius you have energy for.  Donate to street performers.  You’ll have a blast.  If your in Memphis, you can even stroll around with your favorite adult beverage.

Some cool videos of the best Street Hustlers going.

Like Ball-park vendors, excellence can be found in all walks of life.  If you want a fund day, AND a kick in the rear at the same time…. head to the city.  Thank the street Hustlers with a few bucks.

The San Fran Bush Man

NYC Union Square

Memphis:  Beale Street Flippers


Spider Man, City Unknown

Drummer, City Unknown

Daichi -Beatbox in NYC

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