Third Screen as Motivational Buddy: Will Smith

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Few people watch TV like they used too.  One show can rarely command my un-divided attention.  The laptop is open, and the I-pad is usually playing something from YouTube.  The classic “3 screen” household, and there are many.

Use the third (or second) screen as a learning or motivational tool.  Background noise might as well be productive.  It is so simple to open YouTube and type in “Motivation” or any term that you’re interested in to learn something or to just stay sharp.  It’s amazing how many people don’t do it.  There are those that Hustle, and there are those that waste time watching TV.

Want a great one?  How about Will Smith.

Known for his numerous blockbuster hits, what is more intriguing is the inner fire he brings to his craft. There’s a ton of Hustle and inspiration to be learned from this star.  The videos do him much better justice.  



And one of the great scenes from The Pursuit of Happiness.


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