An Inspirational Story In Humanity: This Is My Brother

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So much can be learned from other people and their differences.

“Differences” are no greater than those with some type of disability, whether they are physical or intellectual.  But these differences are really only on the surface, where many people struggle to get beyond.

People who know someone with a disability often refer to it as a blessing.  What they will share with you is the joys in discovering their extraordinary ABILITIES and qualities that the rest of us should strive for daily.

I can certainly relate to the sentiments shared in this video by Elizabeth Higgins Clark.  She shares the wisdom and love she has received from her brother, David, who has Fragile X Syndrome. 

If ever there is a video you hope to go viral, this is one of them.  If you agree, please spread the word.    

For the full transcript of this speech:

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