Old School Career Advice for Your 20’s: 2 Great Ted Talks

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Your 20’s matter!

It shapes the foundation for your entire career.  While careers are certainly a marathon (not a sprint), the choices you make in your 20’s will be instrumental in your overall life.  How you conquer challenges (or not), develop relationships and establish your reputation will carry with you long after your 20’s are over.

One of the best learning tools of our time is YouTube, and Ted Talks are one of my favorites.  Absorbing world class presentations are a great way to stay sharp, a core principle of staying on top of your game.

Why 30 is not the new 20-Meg Jay

  • There are 50mm “20 something’s” in USA…..a significant portion of population.

  • 80% of life’s defining moments take place by age 35.  It’s a critical phase of adulthood.

  • The best time to work on your marriage is before you have one.  Choose wisely.

  • Too many 30 & 40 somethings look back on their 20’s and say:  “What was I thinking?”  A lost decade…

  • Do something that’s an investment in your life: “Identity Capital”

  • New things come from weak ties:  Friends of Friends of Friends, not the inner circle.


While you’ll fail to have a good career- Larry Smith

  • You’re too lazy, & make excuses for not looking for your passion.  You’re also unlucky

  • You’re not a genius, you’re just competent.  You’re also not weird, and you’re nice

  • Have 20 interests, not 1, and something may emerge as a passion

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  1. Great article, Mark! I’m in my 30’s and am just getting my head on straight. Had a bunch of fun in my 20’s. IF I would have only listened to what my dad used to say= “be conservative with cash,” “save more than you earn,” etc. I would be way ahead of the curve. Optimistically- this is a great learning experience for me. And a even bigger parenting opportunity to give to my little ones.

    • HH,
      Don’t feel bad, we’ve all been there. If life provided the opportunity for a “do over” we all would be a heck of a lot richer! Dads are always a great source for wisdom, you’ll follow suit with your kids I’m sure.

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