Motivational Shorts: What’s Your Theme Song?

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Remember Ally Mcbeal?  The quirky comedy show in the late ’90’s that featured an interesting cast of characters.  The most quirky of them all was “The Biscuit,” whose personal theme song became his entire office’s theme song as you’ll see in the video.

Something simple like someone’s “motivational kick” can be turned into a culture building tool for entire organization, as you’ll see here.  

Music has a way of connecting to memories and emotion.  How many times have you heard a song and immediately it flashes a “mind’s eye” picture of a day from many years ago?

I-Pods make it easy to create playlists for various uses: workouts, unwinding, entertaining, etc.

The daily grind can throw you many rough patches where you productive zone can hit roadblocks. Keep you tunes on stand-by for an easy snap back into the productive streak.

Work-outs tend to be my catch-all motivational playlist.  A couple of my personal favorites are below.   

Prior to jumping on a plane to NJ I often get “in the zone” with Jay Z’s Empire State of Mind.  My wife, the constant “NY is better than NJ” antagonist reminds me of this.  For more on our banter, see “Where are you from? The Question that Matters.”

A merge of the Old School & The New School:  Eminem + Rocky  # ROCKMINEM MASHUP.  Something about The Grit of Eminem and the classic orchestra of Rocky.  Musical Fusion at its best.  

Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock:  “It Takes 2”

What are YOUR favorite motivational tunes?

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