LinkedIn’s CEO Nailed IT: His Venn Diagram

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Jeff Weiner, the CEO of Linked in flat out nailed the Venn Diagram of people he most enjoys working with.

What leader worth their salt wouldn’t say “Hell Yea!” on this little picture?


People I enjoy working with

Isn’t WHO you work with everything in business?

What if you were surrounded by people that have only 1 element, how would it work?  Maybe there would be some value to the people or to the business, but probably not.  Probably 2/3 are the minimum needed.

3 out of 3 are probably the classic “A Players,” small in % terms but great in overall impact.

What Mr. Weiner’s Venn Diagram shows clearly is that it takes a mix of all 3 elements to really provide him the “Juice” or energy to really enjoy working with them.

Everyone should go through this exercise and rank their top 3 qualities of traits they like to see in others they work with daily.

Business is certainly about delivering results.  But results are a by-product of people coming together and working effectively with each other.  

Understanding what traits in others you appreciate is a great first step.  

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  1. Excellent venn diagram. Many good CEO’s would say Yeah!

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