Kill the Energy Vampires!

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A friend of mine reccomended a great read:

The Energy Bus

Some books focus on “break-through research,” while others focus on common sense principles.  This one is that later.

One particular rule (out of 10) that resonated?  Rule #6:

“Post a Sign that says: No Energy Vampires Allowed!”

Business (and in some cases life) is difficult enough.  Attitude is life’s most significant choices, not traits.  Positive attitudes fuel energy, negative attitudes deplete it.

Negative Attitude = Negative Energy. 

  • There are people in your life, your business, your community that simply DRIVE you to step it up.  And there are people that are flat out toxic to your present or future.
  • Knowing the Energy Fillers tends to be easy.  However, sometimes we refuse to acknowledge that others can be depleting our energy, or at worst, TOXIC.

Achieving great things in business and in life is not easy, or everyone would do it.  

Having the discipline and courage to Kill your energy Vampires is like taking off 15lb ankle weights prior to running a marathon.  If you do, you will finish faster.  Check that, you WILL finish.  

Would it not be devastating to  train for a marathon and not finish, simply because you chose to wear ankle weights?

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  1. Well hate to rain on the book, but this “bus” is a short one. Our of the massive workforce we have in the USA and the power of the social network there few people that can be found with true PMAs (Positive Mental Attitudes). Consider the short bus a place that clears the hoards of network info, news, and social spew and does not allow the Vamps to board.
    The Vamps and the need for the short bus was not needed back in the pre-social/over email absorbed days (the 70s-80s). Back then people were not vamps seeking positive blood, they were people creating more positive energy. As tech took over they were bitten and kicked off the bus.

    Today is a time where you must stand your ground, beat off the negative edge of this world and beat some vamps over the head with your laptop. Also, control your reading, avoid the bleeders and whiners, and make your next comments positive ones. Many vamps are lucky to have their jobs and should be thankful for what they have and get on the bus with a new mind frame. Life is what you make it and if it is a pool of negative whining then enjoy the black hole that you are creating,
    For the bus riders – do not get over positive – people with too much of a PMA become unrealistic and ruin the ride… corner ahead- the holidays and relatives visiting – grab your seats!!!


    • Tom,
      LOVE your thoughts and perfectly aligned with what is fascinating about “schools of thought” relative to attitude/outlook. “Where Old School Meets New School” seems to be a title that captures your sentiments, and I appreciate you sharing. Keep Hustlin’!

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