Leaving it All on The Field: A Celebration Anthem

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Exhaustion is not a bad thing.  In fact, I would argue that leaving it all out on the field (or workplace) is what Hustle is all about.  

In Pitbull’s anthem:  “Life is short.  No guarantee of tomorrow.”

Would love to your favorite Anthem……drop a comment.

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  1. Ya, Hustle and Run is one thing but leaving it all behind can be tough – mainly because it rides in the back or on one side or the other of your grey matter. After years of working (35 of that post college in the 1-man shop and corporate world) it becomes tough to just “leave it on the field” gets tough – especially when you have no solid hobbies – except one that your spouse doesn not like (motorcycles). I have read many of the books and articles on this leave it on the field and to do it you cannot start at 56 yrs old. Start young – 30s and 40s – and enjoy your later years. I est. I will kick while in my chair working….


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