Spring Cleaning For Business

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You know it’s been long winter when your 7 year old rips off his jacket and yells “it’s spring!” when the temperature breaks 40!

The march OUT of winter and towards Spring reminds me of 2 things:

1)  Opening Day.  Yes I may be old school, but it’s hard not to be romantic about baseball.

2)  Spring Cleaning.  This I’m NOT a fan of, but it too has it’s purpose.  Pruning, de-cluttering, freshening up tends to lift the spirits.

What should spring cleaning look like for a business?

Go through some key areas and ask some fundamental house keeping (pardon the pun) questions.


  • Everybody have tight, meaningful goals that will make a visible difference?

  • Training programs in place?

  • “Culture” celebration investments planned for?

  • Plans in place for non-performers?  What about your TOP performers?

  • What have you done to get your PEOPLE involved with looking forward, improving your business?

Aesthetics:  Work-spaces

  • How about a fresh coat of paint?  If it works in selling a house, it works for your work-space too.

  • Are people invested in improving their areas?


  • When is the last time you looked at your collateral?  Website, business cards, presentations, etc.

  • Does it portray both who you are and what you want to be?

  • Are you proud of it or do you find yourself making excuses for it’s dated look or stale content?


  • Same as branding:  New and fresh, or dated and stale?

  • What NEW ideas are in your pipeline?

  • Enough or too many?

Cost Structure

  • When is the last time you went line by line through every expense item?

  • Have you “zero based” a budget or do you just tack on x% over last year’s number?

  • What if you INCREASED a line item, what would be the impact?  Which expenses are you considering investments vs “costs of doing business?”

There’s something about spring cleaning that usually holds true:  It’s difficult to start.  But when you finish you FEEL better, you look better, and you actually ARE better.  

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