Why Hustle Or Bust?

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Here’s the scoop:  I’m obsessed with the art and science of high performance.  This blog is meant to dive deep into the areas that create great results in business.

  • What elements create it, propel it and sustain it?  
  • Why do some people or businesses win, while others simply compete or participate?

Simply put, WINNING is simply more fun than NOT winning.  Sound competitive?  It is.  That’s what capitalism is all about.  The world around us is getting more and more competitive by the day.  Security is no longer given to those that participate and try real hard.  Results are what matters.

What is the common element that cuts through all great examples of High Performance?


There are very few examples of the high performing entrepreneur, athlete, non-profit organization, student, teacher, pastor, actor or singer that does not flat out BUST IT down the line.  They work Hard.  Correction:  They work VERY hard.  They Start Early! Excellence & Hustle go hand in hand.  Putting in the hours, with the RIGHT kind of practice is one of the key difference makers between very good performance and Excellence.

Some call it “Old School.”  I call it HUSTLE.  No Hustle, no results.  Said another way?  Hustle or Bust.

Hustle is not the ONLY factor, but it’s a big one.  Other elements are important as well.

Optimism.  Innovation.  Leadership.  Break-through thinking.  Some may call these elements “New School”.

It takes both schools of thought, Old & New to march down the road to success, and have fun doing it along the way.

This blog is meant to organize, communicate & celebrate both schools of thought.

It is an on-going journal of things I find interesting, insightful and “share-able,” not a “formula” for success.  That would be arrogant, I consider myself a student of the game more than a teacher of it.  However, if you happen to learn something valuable, I’ll call this a success.  Please let me know if that’s the case.

With that said, here’s a bit about me…


profile picPersonal

*  I am “Yankee” at heart.  Born and raised in an Italian Family of 5 in NJ, my roots define who I am.  You can change a few things in life, but you can’t change your hard-wiring, and my roots are certainly hard-wired!

*  I am the lucky Husband of Kim and father to 2 great kids, Hope (11)  & Dominic (8).  I am ESPECIALLY fortunate to have a blessing in my life in HOPE.  Like Dominic, she surprises me every day with how fast she is growing up.  UNLIKE Dominic, she has “designer jeans,” known as Down Syndrome.  As any parent to a child with special needs can attest, when they achieve, it is even MORE gratifying and special.

*  For 20 years I have been in the sales/marketing/leadership arena within the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry.  Starting with Kraft Foods, then moving  to Sara Lee Foods, Catalina Marketing, and Monogram Foods.

*  For 8+ years I served as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Monogram Foods, headquartered in Memphis, TN.

*  In 2014 I had the opportunity to live out a dream and acquired a food company and assume the CEO role of  LM Foods, LLC.  Acquiring a business requires hard work, a little luck, and some great partners.  I profile the process and some early thoughts in this video, shot in July of 2014 (a few less grey hairs!).

In August of 2017 we merged LM Foods into Aquamar, creating the #2 player in the industry and getting our investors a great return.

As of December of 2017 I’ve stepped out of the company to start the next exciting chapter in life.

*  Spreading myself thin is a habit I can’t seem to break!  For the past 6 years I have served on the Board of the Mid-South Down Syndrome Association, worked with a couple of start-ups in advisory roles, and volunteered for Junior Achievement Memphis.  I also take on 1-2 personal development projects at any given time to keep professional skills up to date.  In 2012 I committed to learn Twitter in the context of business & marketing.  Getting “dirt under the nails” is key to lead with credibility.  Social Media Marketing Magazine publishes a monthly “Top 100 CMO’s on Twitter,” and I was honored to be listed in the top 1/3 of the great list.  Lists are “fun recognition” and maybe some day HustleOrBust will find its way on one….

*  For fun?  Yankees!  Working out, spending time with family and friends and discovering the next best Italian hot spot & example of Excellence, in all walks of life.

I would love to hear from you, your comments, suggestions, thoughts, disagreements and ideas to make Hustle or Bust a useful tool for other like-minded people!  Make sure you subscribe to the email list to get new posts delivered right to your inbox.

Life is short.  May you always leave each day with HUSTLE.   Or Bust


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  1. Hi Mark
    I’m currently looking at starting a clothing label with my business partner from OMP and thought of the name Hustle or Bust so I typed it into google to see what would come up and I found your blog so I guess I’m going to need to keep thinking.
    It is funny that its a blog about being an entrepreneur and the hustle it takes to be successful because that exactly what I was thinking of when the name came to me. I’ve just finished reading Crush It by Gary Vaynerchuck who uses the word hustle a million times in his book which was probably another reason the word was in the for front of my mind.
    I will be sure to keep an eye on your blog all the best.

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