Quick Reactions @ the Speed of Twitter: Be Careful in Leadership Decisions

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A thought popped into my head during a 4am work-out session.  I was thinking about Marissa Mayer’s work from home ban decision at Yahoo and a few of my tweets.  Yes, odd thoughts to creep into the mind at even crazier hours.  The thought?

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer

Image Credit: Businessinsider.com

If I were writing a blog post about the decision, would the post resemble the general sentiment of my tweets?

I’ll admit it.  I reacted with the masses on the news that Yahoo remote workers will need to relocate back to the office.

Some of my Tweets on this topic:

A tech company making not allowing them to work from home?  Give me a break!

Trust your employees for crying out-loud!

Face time does not guarantee innovation!

And perhaps one of my wittiest, clever and ridiculous tweets:

The ‘80’s called……they want their CEO back!

It was all kind of fun seeing the chatter, engaging, listening.  There was no shortage of opinions, news coverage and humor.  A general good time had by all.

If I were writing a leadership post, here are some additional perspectives I would have considered:

What if I were in HER shoes?

What if I served on the Yahoo Board?

What if I were a Yahoo Shareholder (I am)?

What if I were a Yahoo employee, both a work from home or headquarter based employee?

Would my critical tweets hold up to the scrutiny of approaching this topic from a variety of angles?

So here goes….[Continue Reading…]

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The Last Lecture: Keeping Life in Perspective

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There is a ton of life wisdom to be learned from this tremendous human being.  This 10 minute video is great to watch when you are feeling down, or just need a little nudge to keep life in perspective.

Some themes from Dr. Randy Paush’s Last Lecture

  • What were your childhood dreams?
  • Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.
  • Old school football coach on Jim Graham:  “He rode you pretty hard….because he cares.”
  • The brick walls that are in our way are there to show how much you want it!
  • Have a sense of fun and wonder!  Choose to have fun.
  • Let your kids paint the walls!
  • A good apology has 3 parts:  I’m sorry.  It was my fault.  How do I make it right?
  • Gratitude is a simple and powerful thing.
  • Above all:  Don’t feel sorry yourself, despite the most trying of circumstances.  Attitude is a choice.  You can spend your time complaining, or you can spend it playing the game hard!

And if you have the time and want to watch the full “Last lecture,” here it is.  It is well worth it.

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