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The Journey....

Family aside for a moment, at any point in life, there is a "Focus." 


That primary consumer of time, energy, stress and joy.  

In August of 2018, I acquired PAVERART















A business that has operated for (at the time) 15 years which caught my attention in a number of different ways.  August 1 of 2023 marked the 5 year anniversary of PAVERART under Kim & I's ownership.  I showed up that day and Mike cornered me and said, "IMPROMPTU POD Let's go!"  I had no idea we were going down this road, but episode 45 captured this topic and everything surrounding it.  

PAVERART TEAM and core values.

There's always some side endeavors going on......

Hustle or Bust (this site) has been here a decade plus, and now the podcast.  

hustle or bust podcast powered by paverart

Higher Education, Mentorship, Starting Out & Building......

I've talked a TON about careers, education, and the MASSIVE problems associated with higher education today.  It's broken.  And simultaneously, there is MASSIVE opportunities that weren't present in the late 90's.  

BRICK BY BRICK captures much of this everything, it's a work in process 

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