Leaving it All on The Field: A Celebration Anthem

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Exhaustion is not a bad thing.  In fact, I would argue that leaving it all out on the field (or workplace) is what Hustle is all about.  

In Pitbull’s anthem:  “Life is short.  No guarantee of tomorrow.”

Would love to your favorite Anthem……drop a comment.

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Why Not Celebrate Like American Hustle?

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I’m biased, but when American HUSTLE came out, I had a near Pavlovian response to rush out and see it.

I laugh VERY hard every time I watch the 1 minute celebration scene from American Hustle.

The scene makes me wonder:

  • Why don’t companies have a “explosion” of energy after achieving goals, no matter how big or small?

  • Why do people take themselves so seriously?

  • Is “Making fun” of someone appropriate, or has no place in the workplace?  Or is it context dependent?

  • Is it OK to push the envelope on celebrating?

Regardless of where you stand on appropriateness…..

Teams that have this type of energy, work towards achieving goals, and then celebrating with viogr will always outperform those lower on the drive/celebration scale.  

In the journey of life, enjoying the ride should be mandatory.  

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