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The Secret Weapon: HUMILITY

Thanksgiving is a food lover's Nirvana. It's also a hotbed for raucous discussion around the table when the inevitable current events and/or political debate comes up.

There's an axiom in life that is fairly well known:
Never talk about Religion or Politics.

There's plenty of truth to it, and it's the ultimate "play it safe" mantra.

In the real world however, I've found it fairly useless!

I have zero desire to change someone's mind in a political debate, ESPECIALLY people that are "staunch" political party A or B. But respectful, logical conversations where both sides actually try and learn something? I'm all in.

On Episode 25 we brought in some National Figures: Elon Musk, Donald Trump, in the context of running a small business.

The title?


But the title could have easily been:

  • Your Politics Is Clouding Your Vision.

  • You Can't Shut Your Human Evaluation Skill Off & On Like a Light Switch!

  • Why do you have 2 Ears and One Mouth?

  • Find Yourself An INTROVERT!

Politics is present everywhere. It's something that has to be dealt with.

But my arena is NOT politics, it's LEADERSHIP. It's growing businesses and teams within those businesses.

I could care less who people voted for. But I do find irony when people claim "independence" of thought but have only ever voted for ONE political party. I believe most of America sits in the moderate middle, not the fringes of left and right.

We open up this episode with some dialogue around Elon Musk and Trump also made an appearance.

Our goal is not to talk politics, our goal is to draw the LINK that is needed for anyone looking to grow, and how hard it is to shut your feelings off an on like a light switch. In fact, I would argue you can't.

And that right there is one of the many blind spots people have in the pursuit of growth.

Shout-outs on this Episode:

* John Rath, Chief Lending Officer with Lakeland Bank. Taught me a few lessons that remain with me to this day about integrity, why it matters in multi million transactions.

* John Stevenson - One of our great team members at PAVERART. The classic EF Hutton. When he talks, STOP and listen. Smart, thoughtful and as he says: "I was born for social distancing!"

* Elon Musk - One of the all time great entrepreneurs, top 5. Truly changing the world. But I can't be such a fanboy and say his past 6 months with the Twitter saga are his finest hour, and I explain why. Not addressing it is would be the exact blind spot I've talked about that holds people back.

We also talk about something very hard to do for the growth minded business owner: Saying NO, to taking on a new client you feel may not be a perfect fit for you.

Hope you enjoy.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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