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The Comeback Story: Addiction, Recovery and The Second Act

If this chart doesn't make your heart skip a beat, nothing will. Over 100k deaths a year to drug overdose, and rising.

drug addiction, recovery
Rising Overdose Deaths

Episode 48 of the Hustle or Bust Podcast had an urgent AND important feel to it. It deals with a series of topics:

  • Drug Addiction

  • Crime

  • Recovery

  • Relapse

  • Hope

But I think of it as a Comeback Story.

People down on their luck, for whatever reason.

Businesses would be wise not to ignore those with "checkered" pasts, whether that's crime, drug challenges or other classic blemishes. In America, we believe in second chances. Redemption.

BUT. Change is awfully hard. And as Jimmy explains it, sometimes it takes extraordinary PAIN to take those steps needed to change.

Jimmy is an inspiration. He's a member of the PAVERART team, and we are proud of him.

paverart, recovery, addiction
Jimmy- Paverart Team Member

We pressed to get this episode shot, edited, published and promoted within 48 hours. We normally take our time and it takes a month. But this one has the ability to help somebody in dire circumstances, so please share it if you know someone who can be inspired by Jimmy's story.

Here's the full episode.

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