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Welcome to Hustle or Bust!



From 1980 at the ripe old age of 7, I can still hear my little league coach yelling "HUSTLE!"  I didn't get the obsession with yelling this constantly back in the day.


Over time I learned that we all don't have the same natural talents, but we all have the ability to control a few massively important things:

  • Effort

  • Energy

  • Attitude

  • Practice

  • Never Give Up, or GRIT.  


Since 2012 I've been writing about all things Hustle as it relates to entrepreneurship, leadership, innovation and career development. 


My experience in business has evolved from the country's largest consumer product companies (start of career) to the small specialized manufacturing world (today).  You may recognize some of the following brands...  

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Business is the ultimate sport, and I flat out love playing it. 


In a capitalistic society, outcomes are not created equal.  There are winners, losers and "survivors."  I tend to focus on what separates the winners from all others.  


Hustle or Bust started as a fun side project to brush up on a few skills.  It was also pretty handy for me to say "you want to get to know me, would 200+ articles written over a decade help?"  

From the early days of Hustle or Bust, this evolved into a bit of an operating philosophy for various businesses I'm involved with, either as an owner, a team member, advisor or mentor.  It's the ultimate open book approach, transparency on steroids. 

Throughout 25+ years in business, my biggest thrill has consistently been GROWTH, but not in the classical sense.  Growth of PEOPLE.  It's challenging, and massively rewarding. 


Over time, I've learned that a person's success is less about their degree/credentials/packaging, and more about WHO they are and what they can actually do.  It reeks of opportunity, just like America.  


Hoodies are the ultimate metaphor that capture this spirit.....

2 year selfie.png

I hope this site, the blog, and the podcast can make your investment in time worthwhile.  

While I'm selective about projects I engage in, I am massively welcoming for you to follow the Hustle or Bust journey and become an active participant.  Who knows where life takes us.....

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  • Drop us a line, comment.  Disagree.  Agree.  ENGAGE.  

  • Or.....text me.  I have a fair amount of windshield time where I love to meet new people that are like minded.  

Wishing you much success and excitement along YOUR journey...

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