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Business Mandate: Turn Air into Money.

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

I get a EUPHORIC thrill out of turning air into money.

It also creates some strange looks when I tell a story or two.

When you own property in business, every square inch is a potential asset. Even if you don’t own your land and building, utilization of space and the costs that are tied up in space should be scrutinized.


  • It’s invisible. Odorless.

  • And it can cost you money. That is money that can be re-invested in growth.

Want some examples?

  • Shipping. Everyone in CPG knows that the cost of shipping a truck rarely changes if you can get 39k lbs on it vs. 42k lbs. But if that shaves a couple pennies off your shipping rate that can be the difference between making 20% and 23% margins. That matters.

How about garbage costs. What do you see when you look at this image?

A mess of course! And litter, which is awful.

But what you also see is that the garbage is thrown in there, not compacted. I bet if it were organized and crunched, you can free up 1/3 of the airspace. That means fewer pickups. Less Cost. You know what else is there?



Both of those should be recycled. And sold on the open market. That’s a revenue stream for someone, why not you?

Recycling further reduces the amount of true garbage, further reducing your cost.

I bet businesses across the country could cut there garbage expenses by 50% if they just attack it with recycling and compacting, and of course knowing what drives their cost to begin with.

So lets say you spend $400 per month without these methods. What can you do with $2,400 in savings? Do you need to invest some money on a compactor? Seems like there could be a payback there. There are countless examples in business very similar to the garbage example.

Freeing up money by turning Air into money is the low hanging fruit in a business. It requires minimal risk. But it does require a dose of Hustle to go after it.

When businesses turn air into money they begin to fuel the engine of growth: INVESTMENT.

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