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Hustle or Bust Podcast Notes: Time Management

Time is life's great equalizer. We all have 24 hours in a single day.

I've always been fascinating with how people choose to utilize their time. Some people are tremendously organized, planning every activity to the half hour, while others take the day as it comes to them. Most people people I suspect lie somewhere between these extremes.

For high performing individuals and teams, effectively managing time becomes a critical activity that can be either an asset or liability.

For the business owner, effectively managing time can become the major factor that determines if they are able to work on the business instead of IN the business.

Some show notes from Episode #5 of the Hustle or Bust Podcast, Powered by PAVERART.

Real World Examples

  • Dominic's Summer Time Management Challenge: How do I do the Harvard Course, work at PAVERART, re-do the website, launch the Pod, and maybe have some fun in just 2 months?

  • Machine breakdown urgency

  • Getting into new markets at PAVERART: Outdoor living trend, Porcelain. Finding a new niche that can capture a leadership position. Being dominant in a niche vs small player in big field.

Effective time management enables growth:

1) Next level of incremental growth for capturing short term wins.

2) Bigger home run opportunities of innovation, new markets

Time Management Take-Aways

  • Don't be so rigid with your to-do list that you fail to keep the lights on! In other words, be responsive, pick up the phone!

  • Understand team roles, divide and conquer

  • Find ways to work ON the business, not just IN it

  • Understanding team personalities helps! It can reduce conflict which slows things down.

  • Define what is "wildly important" for your business? This helps narrow scope of daily activities.

  • Carve out 3 hours per week to gain traction on a wildly important goal, apart from the classic must do's needed to keep the lights on.

  • Keep score!

  • Understand your leading indicators to understand your future, not the past

  • Improve your financial wherewithal to work on bigger initiatives

  • Understand your 80/20 rule as it relates to time management

  • Find whatever tool works for you -notebook, day timer, iPhone, flashcard to help manage the whirlwind

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