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Podcast Episode #6: Mentorship & Workplace CANDOR

Mentorship is one of life's force multipliers: It has the ability to be ENOURMOUSLY value for both you AND your Mentor.

The backdrop...

The teen labor force participation is WELL under 50% and going lower, to half the levels they were in the early '90's. Combine this fact with universally low financial literacy AND $1.7 Trillion dollars of student loan debt......has there ever been a point in history where mentorship is MORE needed?

Episode #6 of the Hustle or Bust Podcast, Powered by PAVERART we dive into the Mentorship topic, and here's the highlights

  • Mentors go BEYOND the role of a manager/supervisor on your Job. They provide the closes thing to a time machine!

  • Mentors sometimes have a "familial" feel, but that is a watchout. Business should NOT view themselves as a family, business are a TEAM. Individuals earn the right to both make the team and STAY on the team. Mentors in the context of a business is about coaching, tough love and mutual accountability.

  • About 10% of a businesses employees (far right end of the bell curve) are probably mentorship type candidates: high potential, growth oriented players open to the coaching and getting better. It's NOT for everyone.

  • What level of transparency and "teeth" related to financial mentorship and coaching should happen?

  • Financial management is a LIFE performance issue that will impact on the job performance

  • Successful life habits mirror wealth building: Compounded returns and true wealth occur over decades, building on yesterdays gains, then tomorrows, and the next day. Brick by Brick.

  • For the small business owner: Would you rather MENTOR and invest in an 18 year old high school grad or a 22 year old college grad? 2 distinct profiles and considerations of each.

  • Shout out to past life Mentors (Wes Jackson & John Francis), what we learned from them and why it matters.

  • Career success principle: Find yourself a Godfather. Find them early. Hang onto them for dear life, bust it for them and make them proud! Consider the "Godfather factor" when deciding on career opportunities: Is there a Godfather/mentor that will be present over the next few years? Are you considering their presence (or lack thereof) in your decisions on where/who to join?

  • LUCK and randomness plays a real role in the direction of your life. BUT, you need to put yourself in a position for when opportunity knocks on the door and you are ready.

  • Your work experience & RELATIONSHIP will almost ALWAYS be > than your credentials earned (degrees) especially when you get 2+ years AWAY from your graduation date. It's about what you can DO, not a credential you've earned.

Candor In The Workplace- Critical Adult Conversations

  • CANDOR is about calling it like you see it in the workplace, but NOT BEING AN ASSHOLE in the process.

  • People need to hear the TRUTH. But they need to know they are not being personally attacked and that there is a team effort in confronting critical issues.

  • What are the "TRIGGERS" in the workplace for moving to the top of the ACT list? Red Socks and RFN! Every team needs the trigger to act immediately and clear the deck. The LEADER needs to use the trigger sparingly, but when needed, they need to use it because it is urgent AND important.

  • "Do we want to be here having this same conversation 6 months from now?" IF that answer is no, what are we going to do about it?

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