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The Growth Challenged Player: Warning Signs

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Most leaders like to talk about growth. Few will do what’s necessary to make it more than a concept.

There are plenty of reasons for why businesses don’t grow:

  • Industry is flat to declining

  • Too many financial constraints (tight margins, leverage, lack of capital for investment)

  • Lack of talent

  • Competition is dominant

The list can be endless. But at it’s core it is more basic than business constraints.

Growth begins and ends with INDIVIDUALS and their ability to grow themselves.

This is ESPECIALLY the case if you happen to work in one of those “non-sexy” businesses that are tied to industries that measure growth in single digits vs double or triple digits.

For leaders wired for growth, there may be no MORE frustrating profile than people that are simply unable or unwilling to grow THEMSELVES. If those people are in a key role, this can not persist for long or something will need to “give.”

Many people are not ready for dynamic growth. Why? It isn’t easy. It creates CHANGE. Some people flat out struggle with change.

There are clear warning signs for people that will struggle with a growth orientation. One or two aren’t a problem, but if the person starts checking off multiple warning signs, leaders better be prepared to have a difficult conversation.

The “Growth Challenged” Warning Signs

If they are Growth Challenged…….they very well MAY:

  • LOVE their routine. Same route to work. Same activities. Same check-list. Same closing time. Same starting time. They value ROUTINE and the certainty it creates OVER the uncertainty of change. Challenging routine is a no no.

  • Invest VERY LITTLE in themselves. No books, newsletters, You Tube videos, courses, etc have been consumed and assimilated in MONTHS trying to take their game up a few notches. Because that is a break from routine, or countless other excuses not to grow (no time, too busy, etc).

  • Never make noise. Never involved in conflict that results from trying to push the envelope, get better, break things, bring people together and build a team. Sometimes rumbles are good.

  • Always involved in the same conversations, vs developing new ways to conquer new paths.

  • Stuck to old processes that worked in a stable world but add little value in a dynamic world.

  • Defensive when receiving feedback. As if their purpose is to protect their own image vs. figuring out how to grow.

  • Never SEEK feedback. Too risky, or why bother?

  • Don’t ask for help when they hit road-blocks.

  • New challenges always need to be handled by someone else…..

  • Cling to the past and may even question the fundamental premise of growth: “Is this even better?”

There are natural skeptics in the world, or people that like to play devil’s advocate with every new idea. That doesn’t mean they are anti-growth. These could be some of the greatest assets in building a growth mindset in companies. That’s not what the growth challenged player is about…

Leaders need to understand if their players are capable and WILLING to grow.

If there are multiple warning signs, they need to have a difficult conversation that makes the concern clearly known. These are not conversations where you sugar coat. If Growth is important and a key player exhibits anti growth tendencies (and multiple warning signs), they need to clearly understand this.

The leader has a choice if they do not want to confront the warning signs with the Anti-Growth Players: Don’t confront it. Continue to be frustrated. Give yourself a nice little barrier on your marathon. ANKLE WEIGHTS.

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