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Friendship, Entrepreneurship & 30 Years!

Episode #10 of the Hustle or Bust Podcast, Powered by PAVERART was special, for a few reasons.

1) It was our first guest interview.

That required Mike, Dominic and I to figure out how to bring zoom into the mini studio, work the microphones, camera angles, etc. Not too complicated, and thank god for Dom, but when you do this "on the side" or running a growth business, it's a hurdle nonetheless that needs to be leaped over.

With a goal of 52 podcasts to be published before "taking stock" we need to get comfortable with this format as we think about interesting and insightful guests to bring on.

2) Angelo personifies the concept of being an entrepreneur.

He left a GREAT job in corporate America at the young age of 25, and enters into one of the most challenging endeavors I can think of: The Restaurant Business in the NY Metro Market.

It's pretty darn easy to learn about ICONS. The Steve Jobs, Gates, and Elon Musk's of the world. You can spend countless hours learning about their journey's and it's insightful. They personify the truly exceptional "far right portion of the bell curve" I talk a TON about. But I'm personally more interested in the 30mm+ small business owners that are NOT in the mainstream news. I want to understand their mistakes, level of grit, inventiveness and outlook.

3) Angelo and I have been friends for 30 years......we met at 18, spent 5 great years together and have been friends ever since.

I've always been proud of him, laugh hard at our past antics and admired his journey, successes and challenges along the way.

Not everybody in life, by definition is considered a 2am friend: That person (s) you reach out for, regardless of the time/circumstance when you really need somebody. My only hope is that the short list of MY 2am friends also hold ME in that same light.

In the age of social media and "curated lifestyles," and entrepreneur's life is too often glamorized. It couldn't be further away from the reality:

  • The Struggle.

  • The Hours.

  • The Risk.

  • The Commitment.

The business ownership rate in the USA, depending on what you source is about 8%. By definition, the remaining 92% do not have the understanding of what it takes to make a payroll. Signing the front of a check is completely different than signing the back of one. That very fact creates a bit of an "empathy void" between owners and everyone else. That void can absolutely be closed with open minds, humility and willingness for all to engage.

For over a decade, I've enjoyed writing, and now podcasting as a very small way to close that void, enlighten, and now, be background listening for your 5am walks.....or whatever you do where background listening is valuable.

Hope you enjoy.

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