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Where Job Candidates Fail: Articulating GBE

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

The Jersey Shore Reality show (if you can call it that). Yes, I cringe at the portrayal of young Italian Americans in this light, from my home state. And of course I can relate and found it comical. But they captured perfectly with their GTL Acronym: What the daily routine looks like.

So why do I think about the Jersey Shore and GTL when it comes to hunting for great talent? Simple….

Job candidates everywhere struggle to articulate what I would consider their number one goal on an interview: To Articulate their GBE.

Great. Business. Experience. (GBE).

I made this up. Jersey Shore Style.

What is it?

GBE is any business (or LIFE) experience that demonstrates value to an employer and eliminates risk associated with hiring. That $1 invested in the potential new employee will likely return AT LEAST $2, but likely more.

Because they have done it before. And if they have NOT done it before, they clearly get that this is the standard in business: CREATING VALUE. They understand that results trumps all.

Where is this even more important?

  • Upper management jobs, stakes go higher as the compensation grows

  • Jobs that are not easily quantifiable to the person (translation: most outside of direct sales).

Most hiring managers look for specific qualifications listed on a resume. Good ones also look for the cultural fit to the organization.

Candidates that succeed in their job pursuits have a significant HUSTLE factor. They get that a hiring manager has many choices. To cut through the clutter, they need to bring their GBE to the table. They need to leave no doubt that a $ spent will result in multiple $$ earned by saying yes to the candidate.

Resumes list qualifications.

Interviews are your chance on stage.

Don’t miss your chance to tell your GBE story.

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