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A Wake-Up Call For College Students (Reeks of Opportunity!)

Every now and then I’ll break my early routine and read the Wall Street Journal before heading into work. Today I came across a massive head scratcher article:

“Numbers of Students Taking Internships Rises Only Slightly”

Small Gain Comes Even As Employers Increasingly Seek Real-World Experience

This is unbelievable.

How can a GENERATION live through the great recession and STILL not figure out a better way to tilt the odds of employment in their favor?

Everywhere you look there are stories of college grads graduating with massive debt loads and struggling to find work. It is well documented and in the “no brainer” camp that an internship and the real world experience it provides will give grads a significant edge.

So why would less than 50% of college grads make a conscious decision NOT to go out and get this experience?

Can you think of any good reason why a college student would make a massive investment in an education and intentionally avoid an opportunity to apply their education in the real world?

Lack of Hustle is never a good formula. No 6 figure degree will compensate for lack of Hustle.

So where’s the opportunity and silver lining?

Half the population of students are making a deliberate choice NOT to give themselves a proven edge. They are making a substantial investment and ignoring the number one difference maker. Not 10%…..HALF!

What a great position to be in for students to compete in when HALF ignore a massive difference maker.

What Hustler wouldn’t love to compete in a market where 50% of them ignore ways to gain market share? NOBODY

How about a shameless plug for my beloved alma matar!

Northeastern University is the best kept secret in higher education. Where else is it part of the student DNA to graduate with 2 full year’s of work experience!

The world is going through economic change that occurs at the speed of light. A generation of college students have not changed their behavior. That reeks of opportunity. But only for those that get after it. Hustle is a choice.

“Internships Are Increasingly the Route to Winning a Job”

More Industries Pick From the Summer Talent, Raising the Stakes

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