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Business Lessons from Goodfellas

I am a sucker for a great Mob movie, and Goodfellas is tops of the list in my opinion. The modern day Godfather. Great soundtrack, food scenes and some of the best performances from De Niro, Pesci, Liotta and Sorvino.

Some of the greatest scenes are lessons in business.


There is nothing sexy about the Mob, although Hollywood portrays it that way. Nonetheless, it exists and has survived for many years because it is run very similar to a business……below clips provide entertainment & learning value. Hustle is not just about hard work; it’s about finding learning value in odd places. This certainly qualifies as an odd learning moment! Enjoy!

The Lessons of Goodfellas

It all starts with your Market, the Customer. Understand their expectations and look to over-deliver at every moment.

”Never Rat on your friends…..and always keep your mouth shut.”

Keeping confidences in business is one of the most important things for establishing trusting, productive working relationships. Want to ruin relationships, do the opposite. This isn’t about just keeping a high school secret; it’s about knowing when and how to communicate sensitive information. Lack of discretion usually feeds office politics & gossip that which rarely translates to positive RESULTS. Results are what matters, not chatter.

Specialists matter, understand people’s true talent. How often do companies make the mistake of promoting the best sales person to be a sales manager?

The great Siskel & Ebert on reviewing Goodfellas

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