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Career Warning Sign: A Hustle Tank on “E”

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

HUSTLE is core to everything I think about, talk about, practice and study. It’s a borderline obsession and why my blog is named “Hustle or BUST!”

3 reasons come to mind why it’s the cornerstone of my philosophy:

  1. It’s one of life’s massive difference makers.

    • People of “average” ability that outwork someone with tremendous NATURAL talents, will flat out level the playing field.

    • Give me a factor you are competing with, HUSTLE can play a massive role squaring up the so called “disadvantage.”

  1. It’s 100% controllable. Like attitude, it is a choice.

  2. Massive Hustle is really not that common.

    • Hustle is not just “working hard” as many people can claim that. It’s about working hard on things that make a real difference, that generate results. Than MASSIVELY out-working people in those areas.

    • Many waste time on things that if they stopped, no difference would be felt. Think 80/20.

In short, Hustle is within everyone's reach, and as they embrace and craft it, life improves.

The reverse is also true. People’s “Hustle Factor” is not a constant level. It ebbs and flows, especially in the workplace.

If one’s HUSTLE comes into question in the workplace, they have entered a very real career DANGER ZONE.

Hustle is a vital organ of your career. Think of it as your career HEART.

When the heart stops beating……blood and oxygen stop going to other vital organs.

The problem with the metaphor however is the TIME factor. In real life, your heart can’t stop beating for long, or death is imminent. In careers, when hearts slow (or stop completely), death can be quick, or it can be painfully slow.

Slow and painful deaths are never fun, especially when you can control it by recognizing warning signs and taking immediate and deliberate action.

Warning Signs: When Your Hustle Indicator is on “E.”

  • The clock seems to consistently move slower. Each day…

  • When you leave more tired from the same effort

  • You fail the Optimism test I learned from my 7 year old waking up each day.

  • You spend significant time thinking: Does my effort create tangible results?

  • When more energy goes into politics/drama vs. generating results, serving customers, or helping people over extended periods of time.

  • When you feel like your on auto-pilot, have “leveled off” on your development. You’re not GROWING.

  • When people stop seeking you out to solve problems. Especially one’s that used to in the past, and your not thrilled with those changes. You don’t ask why, because you’re afraid of the answer.

  • When there’s a body part that seems to be getting sore: Your heels, because you are always on them, playing defense.

This list is not exhaustive. And the key point? The Blue are internal to how YOU Feel, the RED are external to OTHERs recognizing you are on E. RED warning signs are therefore more critical.

People are human. We all go through valleys where we can answer along the lines of “E” on the above warning signs. Recognizing what’s a valley that you will pull out from vs. a permanent “E” with little chance of replenishing is key.

But make no mistake: Having a Hustle Indicator on “E” can’t last very long. Recognize your warning signs….

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