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Dreams & Hustle

It is flattering when people say “they thought of you” when they see anything with my favorite word in it! I LOVE this image a friend shared with me:

Seems like common sense right? Not really.

In the Dream/Hustle camp there are really 2 types of people: Those that “Get it” and those that don’t:

Those that Don’t Get it:

  • Have an opinion on EVERYTHING, but won’t change nothing in the mirror to make their world a better place.

  • Have a great new idea everyday but won’t put the blood/sweat and tears in to take action on it……making it someone else’s job to do the hard work.

  • Talk about how things SHOULD be more than investing in themselves to “be the change they want to see.”

  • Don’t have a dream period! But they are excellent at pointing out what is wrong or broken with no solutions or initiative to fix the very things they are complaining about!

If more than a few people come to mind on the above scenarios, The Dream & HUSTLE image isn’t common sense, is it? They tend to deplete energy vs add to it.

Those that UNDERSTAND Dream & Hustle mentality:

  • The countless number of immigrants that saw something special in the USA, and were willing to risk everything to make a better life for themselves…..

  • The single mom/dad raising their children, earning a paycheck and somehow figuring it all out as they go to be dead tired.

  • Our greatest heroes: Our nation’s veterans. And Military families.

  • Our teachers, many of whom dip into their own pocket, organize fundraisers and find a way to connect with different challenges, and for reasons far beyond financial….

  • The kid working their way through college to try and make it all work, taking on multiple part time jobs and network for their future.

  • Community volunteers – People who donate their time to causes, all in the hopes of making a difference.

What’s the point?

Dreams are made possible by HUSTLE.

Surround yourself with people that get it. They will ADD energy to your quest, not deplete it. Energy fuels Hustle.

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