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Keys To the Shop: A Message of Trust

Do you remember what it’s like when you received your first set of car keys? I remember the feeling of freedom rush over me.

What do I remember more? When I received a key to the Liquor Store I worked at in high school.

The feelings were borderline euphoric.

  • TRUST: Somebody (the owner) thought I was responsible enough to have it. And use it, to open or close the shop.

  • I MATTER: Not everyone had them, you had to be chosen.

“I got keys to the shop!”

Some people flashed cool key chains on their car ring. I flashed a gold commercial key to a liquor store.

This week something simple was done at my company. Multiple office keys were made. Everyone that works in the office is now trusted to have a key, not just the owners and a selected one or 2 people.

My only regret is that it happened on day #60 instead of day #1 of owning LM Foods.

Regrets for high action people are usually related to not moving fast enough…..

Simple and basic. Old School Fundamentals usually are.

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