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Old School: Living in the Past, Or Rock Solid?

I love the Old School. “Old -school” has a negative connotation in some circles. Context is everything, and if Old School is used in a negative context like “old fashioned” or behind the times, than I certainly understand that. I simply refuse to yield to those connotations.

Here are my Descriptors of the Old School

  • Work Ethic: Discipline, nose to the grind-stone, paying your dues.

  • Methods: Embrace of proven fundamentals that are time tested to flat out work

  • Communication: Straight shooting over polish and/or politics

  • Rock solid integrity, won’t be compromised.

One of the great things about social media? When in doubt what the vibe is, simply ask your network. Mine never ceases to amaze me when I asked what comes to mind when you hear “Old School.”

  • Robin Ewaska Stalsitz Oh, you didn’t mean the movie? Well then I suppose I think of the “olden days” like my oldest sons refers to when talking about when I grew up. I think of “white out”, word processors/typewriters, not cutting corners, doing things the right way…

  • Mark Olivito Didn’t know there was an OS movie Robin! Thanks for thoughts, exactly what i was looking for. thoughts of mr. click!

  • Robin Ewaska Stalsitz Sorry, typing always come to mind. The rhythmic motion/sound I suppose. Everything now seems so easy though. For instance, I make my own birthday cards. It’s easy, saves money and people are always surprised at the effort. Old School example? Makes me feel creative and shows that I cared to take the time for the person. Pinterest is a new take on Old School. Uses social media to get back to basics: cooking, crafting, etc. I personally love it and am utilizing it to show my children how to do do basics things that I had gotten away from. Returning to simplicity.

  • Kristin Stelzer Silva Old school rap like Run DMC.

  • Dan Criscuolo mr click: f, d, s, a……j, k, l, ; he said over and over and over and over and over

  • Rachel Hermann Solomon Wait a sec….Mark you didn’t know there was an OS movie? Run don’t walk to your nearest blockbuster and rent it. Oh wait…that’s too old school. I mean get it off netflix or on-demand. Now!

  • Cynthia Bright Salem Old school to me is more of a way of thinking…a mindset. I consider a person old school if they have the work ethic of my generation and those before me. Old school folks view life as an obligation to leave a legacy as opposed to taking a free ride. On the flip side, it also means that one refuses to accept better and more efficient ways of doing things, like using the tools available to us today to get a better and more efficient process or result.

  • Steve Jones Joe Theismans one bar face mask … The buttons on a blackberry … Any color members only jacket … Pete Rose is old school …

  • Mandy XaWell, the way I used to do _____ in my past lives was like ____.”

  • Amy Allison Urban dictionary defines it the way I think of it: OLD SCHOOL: Anything that is from an earlier era and looked upon with high regard or respect. Can be used to refer to music, clothing, language, or anything really.

  • Mandy Xa ^that was for the blog. The MOVIE called Old School teaches us to trust our leaders! Old School Movie Clip – watch all clips click to subscribe ht…See More

  • Mark Olivito Hey Dan Criscuolo check this out from a year ago….F-D-SA…/old-school-fundamentals…/ Old School Fundamentals Work, Even in Typing! Jill Herman-Wiernik Problem with old school is that it has become the new school. Some things shouldn’t be brought back #justsayin

  • Bill Schneider To me it is an attitude, a better work ethic, showing up 5 minutes instead of 2 minutes late. Working until the job gets done. Having a clean car when the boss is riding with you, stopping for gasoline before you pick up your boss. Respecting authority and your elders. I think of former great, legendary coaches when I think of old school (Lombardi, Knight). Fundamentals, short basketball shorts, Cinverse High Top bball shoes. taking notes on a notepad with a pen. Calling someone vs emailing, texting, Instagraming. Shoveling someone else’s sidewalk. Cleaning up your plate. Should I go on?!? I like old school. Kimberly Heath-Maniatakos Old school, means being raised with family values, manners, and respect!!

  • Bettejo Pino Parents looking after all the kids when you’re outside playing. Taking turns going to other kids house to get those cheap push up ice pops. Having an argument and getting over it very quickly

  • Sash Johnson Pencils. Seriously, that’s what comes to mind.

  • Desiree Olivito Daddy!

  • Ginny Olivito Chichelo Italian….Respect…in a nutshell the old school way of doing things had a high regard for authority and equals. On the other end, the “old-schoolers” have not adapted to today’s way of doing things which can be a hindrance to themselves

  • Erik Gerner Chuck D and Flavor Flav

  • Phil Bryant WWF v WWE

  • Joe DeGiorgio Jr. You know what I think

Of course I know what Joe Degiorgio thinks! Joe’s one of the great writers I’ve come across. He’s Old School personified, in the hightest sense of the word, check out his thoughts here.

Generationally, this video says it better than most. Enjoy. “You made it.”

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