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The Best $25 Investment In Business?

A CAKE. To Celebrate Birthdays. Or ANYTHING for that matter.

There is something universally acknowledged about CAKE. It’s what you eat when you are celebrating something special, usually a birthday. Some things come to mind when I think about a birthday cake….

  • The first impression of seeing the cake: Is it chocolate? Strawberry? Ice cream? Anticipation…

  • The flame of the candle and the drip of the wax. Always a skill seeing how many you can light and the Hustle/bustle of rounding people into the room in time

  • The Singing. I can’t sing to save my life, but I enjoy watching everyone sing Happy Birthday. Someone is bound to ham it up

  • The blow out of the candles, and the occasional struggle to leave a couple burning. And the ridicule that follows

  • The slicing ritual, a little different each time. I enjoy critiquing the slicer, although some call it “ball breaking!’

  • The funny stories that usually flow while eating the cake.

One of the first of many happy memories I have at LM Foods was our first birthday celebration.

I struggle to remember the specific stories, the flavor of the cake, the time of day. But I DO remember how my stomach felt. Sore. Not from the cake, from the laughter. Better than 100 crunches. And the knot in my shoulders loosened up for the rest of the day. I suspect it did for my fellow team members too.

Some businesses have more to celebrate than others. But every business has people, and every person has a birthday. Spend the $25. Let them eat cake. Enjoy the laughter.

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