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The Cocktail Napkin: A Game-Changer From The Old School

My love of the Old School stems from it’s simplicity. Things moved at a slower pace back in the day, but that didn’t mean it was LESS focused on generating big outcomes. I-phones and all their apps did not exist in the ’80s. But guess what did?

Cocktail napkins.

They worked. Some of the world’s greatest businesses were launched on cocktail napkins.

Usually, 2 people are having coffee, or of course….a “cocktail” and the conversation moves to something game-changing.

  • An idea…..

  • A Problem

  • A Solution

  • A radical concept

The people both agree that it’s worthy of pen and paper and needs to be captured. Only none are within arm’s reach… the cocktail napkin enters the scene.

So what’s the big deal about something so old school and simple?

  • Something magical happens when ideas go from brain to paper.

  • They become tangible. They become refined. They start to evolve.

  • Pen and paper, or napkins are powerful, if you use them.

It is simply amazing how many people have plenty of great ideas, or problems that stay stuck in their head, never to enter a piece of paper. Sometimes the difference between SOME results and none are simple the difference between getting it out the head, and onto something tangible. Think of it as step #1.

Next time your at Starbucks and something hits your brain, reach for the napkin.

Write it down. You will be one step closer to something better than letting it linger in the ‘noggin. Brains are like filing cabinets, at some point they over-flow.

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