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The Hidden Secret to Rocky’s Success? Relationships

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Spike TV ran a Rocky Marathon on 4th of July, and of course I got sucked in for what had to be the 100th+ time of my life watching the great American Classic. Like all great movies that get watched over and over, you tend to pick up new lines each time through. This time was no different.

What struck me more than ever, was the phenomenal impact that Rocky’s managers and friends had on his great life story.

From Mickey, Paulie, Apollo and Tony, Rocky had interesting and deep relationships that shaped his life. Below are a handful of clips, they also make great conversation starters for team meetings.


Wasted Talent: Confronting Brutal Realities.

Woman Weaken Legs: It’s not just the job at hand, it’s the whole picture. Throw in a little chicken ass and you have a great moment.

Mickey: Church Scene.

Sometimes you just need to say your piece, regardless of what is appropriate. Than sit back, and be with your guy. Until the Moment Strikes to get back at it.

“What Are We Waiting For?”

Great managers tell people the truth, even if it isn’t pleasant.

The most cringe-worthy training scene of the entire series. Rocky looses his Old School Fundamentals, despite Mickey’s urging to get back to the old gym.

Friends Owe, or Don’t Owe?

How can you talk about the success of Rocky without recognizing enemies turned best of friends?

Apollo creed was in a unique position to train/mentor/support like no other before or after him, but it required a dose of humility.

Rocky & Appolo’s last talk. They were both right. Fighting or real life, a talk everyone can relate too. If you can have a talk like this with one or two friends, consider yourself lucky.

Rocky 4, Tony. The New School version of Mickey.

Even the when the odds seem insurmountable, there is always an angle to find.

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