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When all else fails: Hit the Meat! Go Old School….

There is a proven the link between exercise and good health. Its obvious that good health is a pre-cursor to results in business and happiness in life. But it gets more complicated each year with countless “break-through” programs and pitches from the marketers. Promises of amazing before and after results photos if you just buy now. Its almost like the program is the key to results vs the the degree of effort/Hustle you put in. That’s marketing, and I love marketing. I have tried a few of the latest fitness programs and they certainly have their merits.

But there IS something to be said for keeping things simple. Going Old School.

Take one of America’s great movie characters, ROCKY. There was something magical in the classic scene when he discovers the poor frozen carcass that can substituted for a punching bag. Nothing illustrated the unconventional, up-hill battle of the underdog better than sound of ribs cracking and blood on the grey hoodie.

Yes its Old-School and it worked for Rocky. It also works in the real world.

  • Gym membership not required. Save the money if that’s an excuse.

  • Get outside and walk. Run. Do Sit-ups. Push-ups. Move. Need more ideas to keep it fresh? Search on youtube.

  • MEASURE – Start a simple spreadsheet and start recording the date and how many minutes you “moved”. Aim for each week doing a bit more. You can record the number of push-ups too if you want to be more detailed.

  • Start setting GOALS.


When the marketing messaging seem to overwhelm you, block it out and slow things down. Keep it simple.

Go OLD SCHOOL. Because it works.

Here’s 1:40 from Rocky, he means business.

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