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The Most Under-Rated of All Holidays? Labor Day

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

If I were to think of all the nationally recognized holidays that define the USA “idea,” Independence Day is probably number one.

A VERY close #2?



noun work, especially hard physical work verb work hard; make great effort Capitalism is about many things.

  • Innovation

  • Risk Taking

  • Leadership

  • Competition

  • Teamwork

At the heart of capitalism is flat out, pain-staking, grind away, roll up your sleeves WORK. LABOR. I think of it as HUSTLE. The thing about Labor that is fascinating? It is so different person to person. And much of it is attitude driven, with choices made daily about how it is approached. Think of the major league ball player that busts it down the line on a routine grounder, while another guy jogs. I’m convinced that a ball player like Robinson Cano cost himself over $100mm for one simple fact: He had a tendency to NOT Hustle. But I digress. I also believe that EVERYBODY working….

  • Has value

  • Builds their dignity, self-respect with each passing work day successfully completed.

  • Builds wealth, both for themselves (if managed properly) and that wealth creates more wealth. A great circle of prosperity when money gets earned, spent, invested.

  • There’s a work opportunity for all humans, regardless of skill level, education, race, gender or ethnicity. This is a massive world.

Rarely do things come easy. Labor, could also be known as Labor “Pains.” Some think work is a 4-letter word. Some LOVE to work, and take it to extremes. I personally have always struggled with striking a work-life balance, especially with young kids. But I’d be lying to say I don’t get a massive adrenaline rush from being exhausted after a long hard days work. Old-school pleasure in its rawest form. Some people are blessed to not only work in jobs that support themselves and their families, but that they actually would do for FREE they love it so much. Those are probably few and far between, but they are out there. Regardless of where you stand in life: Labor Day is worth celebrating. It’s worth exhaling, sitting back and appreciating how food makes its way to your table. And it’s also worth taking a moment and recognizing that all Jobs, and the people that work them have value. Happy Labor Day. And if you happen to be in the NY/NJ area for Labor Day weekend, consider visiting one of NJ’s best kept secrets, the St. Bart’s 40th annual Italian Festival. Mangia!

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