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Your Life Partner Choice: Make it a Secret Weapon

Updated: Jul 1, 2022

Life Lesson #2 from my 40 Lessons @ 40 post.

  • Key life decisions matter. Take the time to get them right, with the information you have, but you’ll never have ALL the pieces.

Key life decisions are obvious, and a bunch pop into my mind.

You have decision making control over…

  • College

  • Career Management: Environment, type, location, compensation level you’re satisfied with, autonomy…

  • Friends/who you spend time with, how/if you build relationships

  • Family: Relationships with your kids,spouse, extended family

  • Financial: When to save, how much, where to invest

  • Leisure pursuits

  • Location, where you live & play

  • Degree of “risk” in your life

  • Your attitude towards life

  • Your ENERGY LEVEL you apply to various aspects of life

Sometimes a tweet, those powerful little 140 character soundbites can bring it all home. And this one does.

As F’ing Perfect states:

Be with the person that brings out the best in you.

Is there anything more important, especially for life’s Hustlers than to be with someone that gives you every shot to maximize your potential?

It would be painful for me to think about NOT having that person in my life. Sometimes in life, especially in matters of the heart, your decisions are not rational, logical or “pro and con” lists on legal paper. You just kind of go with them.

BUT, if I were single, this would be my #1 criteria for a Spouse “decision.” I thank my lucky stars my wife checks this box, 10 times over.

Having a secret weapon in life is not cheating. It’s smart.

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